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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 17, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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liability. they are for the 14-year-old race car fan tragically killed by his idol, his 17-year-old cousin. driver chase johnson was not injured in the crash. a motorsports announcer estimates the car was traveling about 90 miles per hour at the time of impact. we have developing news in the midwest. at least two people were killed and three others injured today when a private jet crashed into several homes in indiana. the accident happened in south bend, and as you see the plane came to a stop inside one of the homes with a wing and nose extending out of the house. the jet was having mechanical problems and was trying to land at a nearby airport. two of the four people on the plane died. three people were injured. remarkably, no one on the ground was killed. >> actually thought the plane was going to crash into our house. and i just hit the deck, and i heard a loud boom noise, and actually the plane went into three houses across the street from us. >> the plane apparently leaked
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fuel into the basement of the home, and that forced crews to evacuate about 200 people. federal officials are now trying to determine what caused that plane to crash. happening now on this st. patrick's day. law enforcement agencies across the bay area are out in force, trying to keep drunk drivers off the road. in the south bay, the crackdown includes special roving patrols. nbc bay area's monte francis spent part of the evening with the chp on one of the patrols. he is live in san jose with the story. monte? >> reporter: terry, good evening. the reality is for many people today is a day devoted to drinking, and the highway patrol officers we spent some time with tonight say this is an active weekend for dui in the south bay. chp officers brandyn thompson and pierce visare on the look o >> anything out of the order, erratic braking, swerving in a lane, making erratic lane changes. anything that doesn't look normal. >> reporter: an expired registration gives them the
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chance to check for signs of dui. >> may i have your license, your registration and insurance please? >> yeah. shirks doing about 77. so max speed on this way was 65 miles per hour. >> reporter: a speeding car leads to another stop and another sobriety test. >> look at my finger. great. >> reporter: minutes later that. >> responded to reports of a motorcycle that crashed on a freeway on-ramp. after temperatures the bushes and trees, the rider is nowhere to be found. down the way, someone has driven their $90,000 tesla model f off a freeway on-ramp and into an embankment and taken out a metering light in the process. >> he is a little unsteady on his feet. i also noticed that he had looked like a fresh piece of gum in his mouth. a lot of people think that's going to take away from the odor that i'm smelling. >> reporter: but despite those clues, the driver passes the sobriety test. tonight some people out celebrating st. patrick's day tell us drinking is just part of this holiday.
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it comes with an obligation to drink responsibly. >> definitely call a taxi. get a friend to drive you home. call your mom. whatever you need to do to be safe. >> for the most part i think so. everyone is trying to be smart. they don't want to get too stupid. >> reporter: the officers we spent time with tonight made no arrests during the two hours that we were them. but they said last night the dui activity ramped up after midnight. so just a word of caution for anyone throughout on the road tonight. live in san jose, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> monte, thank you very much. a vallejo thrift store was abruptly put out of business today when a pickup truck crashed through the front of it. the accident happened at thrift center store on sonoma boulevard about 1:30 this afternoon. firefighters say there were over 40 people in the store when the truck came barreling through the doors. four people inside were hurt. three had to be taken to the hospital. the damage will take some time to repair.
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>> we shut down the business right now. just a lot of glass on the inside, until the structural stability is taken care of, business is shut down. >> the driver had minor injuries as well. it's not yet clear how or why he or she lost control. we have new information tonight on an attempted kidnapping in the east bay. police in pinole have released this sketch of a man they say tried to kidnap a girl as she walked home from school friday afternoon. the 12-year-old girl says he offered her a ride. and when she refused, he grabbed her wrist. she says she was able to pull free and run home. the suspect is described as a white man, about 20 years old, and 6 feet tall with a thin build driving a silver four-door vehicle. oakland miss this evening are trying to sort out the details of the a nine-hour standoff following a deadly shooting in the fruitvale district. around 1:30 this morning, two shooting victims showed up at an oakland hospital, one of them a 27-year-old man later died. police traced the shooting back to a husband on 25th avenue in international boulevard, and
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that started a standoff between police and people in the home that lasted until 11:30 this morning. investigators then took several people who were in the home to the station for questioning. >> there were a number of people in the home that the home when we got here we evacuated. they're out. we're trying to find out who was involved and what their actual role was. >> police arrested one man from the home on suspicion of murder. the second shooting victim is still in the hospital tonight in serious condition. a large plume of smoke could be seen across much of the east bay today. it was due to a fire on sherman island north of antioch. the flames breck out about 3:30. thick black smoke could be seen for miles. because this are no structures on sherman island, crews were not called to fight it. the flames died out on their own. sherman island is about a mile and a half from antioch, and residents there say there were flakes of ash in the air along with the smoke.
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traffic is moving again on interstate 680 after a crash that killed a motorcyclist. the accident happened about 6:00 p.m. south of ruddgear road. witnesses say the bike and the driver of another car were driving recklessly before the crash. one of the three cars involved burst into fliames. lanes were shut down in the northbound direction while the crash was investigated. it reopened about 8:00 tonight. investigators are urging anyone who saw the accident to please contact them. a disgraced south bay politician is due back in court tomorrow where he is expected to plead guilty to charges of misusing campaign funds. santa clara supervisor george shirakawa resigned his post and admitted he has a gambling addiction. he faces five felony charges and seven misdemeanors for misusing public money and lying to investigators. prosecutors say he spent the money on everything from parties and gambling to golf trips. the district attorney's office says he could spend up to a year
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in jelani jail and be fined $50,000 when sentenced. a major announcement from the san francisco symphony, currently on strike. hundreds of thousands of people gathered a at the vatican to witness history. what pope francis did at his first blessing that made an impression. plus two, inmates escape from jail without hopping the fence. it's a story straight out of a movie. a point that hasn't been reached for more than five years, and the big drop the bay area is seeing. be seeing a drop in temperatures as we get back to the workweek as clouds start to fill in tomorrow morn. temperatures mostly in the 40, and look for an increasing chance of rain. welcome rain for most places as we get through the first half of the week of the storm you see there on the left. we'll walk you through the typing when we come right back.
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just in, vice president joe biden arrived at a military airport near rome tonight. the vice president is a practicing catholic and will lead the u.s. delegation to the pope's inauguration mass on tuesday. the german chancellor and spain's prime minister are among the other world leaders who are expected to attend.
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and this was the first sunday at the vatican for pope francis, who made it clear that he is going to do things his way, which seem to be less formal. he spent part of the day working the crowd. and as nbc's anne thompson reports. >> reporter: like parrish priests around the world, pope francis started his day saying sunday mass, opting for tiny st. anna's church, where vatican workers worshipped instead of the grandeur of st. peter's. after mass, he plunged into the crowd, catching his security detail offguard. francis' casual style, already the hallmark of his papacy, delighting the faithful. inside st. peter's square, more and that 150,000 people waited for his weekly prayer and blessing. young italians singing and dancing. latin americans waving symbols of pride, especially the argentineans. speaking off the cuff -- >> bn giornio --
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>> reporter: the pope talked about forgiveness, urging the people to read a book by one of the cardinals, then catching himself, saying he is not promoting the book. drawing a laugh from the crowd. >> he is a humble, holy pope to lead the church. and we are happy. >> reporter: unlike benedict, who addressed sunday crowds in several languages, francis only spoke italian. it didn't seem to matter to anyone in the square, including these three students from college in virginia. were you disappointed there wasn't any english? >> he is still the pope, and we have this connection with him just by being catholic. it doesn't matter that there is a language barrier. >> reporter: while many see changes, philadelphia cardinal justin rigali sees themes. >> he is pronouncing the same message of god's mercy. that's what is so important, that benedict and john pauli i, but he is doing it in his way. >> again, that was anne thompson reporting. and on a day of first, pope
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francis reached out through social media, sending his first tweet, and i read, quote, dear friends, i thank you from my heart and i ask you to continue to pray for me. it sounds like a scene from a movie. two jail inmates escaping by helicopter. but it happened for real in canada this afternoon. a warden in quebec told police two men, 33 and 36 years of age were outside when a helicopter came buzzing overhead, dropped a rope, they climbed up and they flew off. a frantic search began. the helicopter was found 53 miles away along with a pilot who was taken to the hospital with injuries. three people were arrested soon after in connection with the case, but police are not saying whether the inmates were captured. preparations for president obama's visit to israel and the west bank are under way this weekend. crews in jerusalem have been hanging up american flags, and the police force is beefing up security. the president is due to arrive on wednesday. it's his first trip to the region as president. >> there was a large amount of cooperation, which is also
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taking place between the israeli police and american security. and this is the most important visit that is taking place since president bush's visit in 2009. >> the white house says the trip is part of an effort by the president to improve his rocky relationship with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. hundreds of people gathered in san francisco today with the gel of helping undocumented immigrants gain citizenship. the faith in community forum was held in an episcopal church in the mission district. it comes as the president announced that he wants to overhaul immigration laws and put some 11 million immigrants on a path to citizenship. a bipartisan group of senators is expected to introduce a bill on the subject next month. a new report says the real estate market in california is heating up.'s reporting that homes sold faster last month than in any february since 2007. plus the average time a home was on the market dropped by 51% to just 28 days. in san francisco, oakland, and
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san jose. and they're selling for more as well. >> today's market is the complete seller's market for the numbers on that right now in all of santa clara county on average, we have around 1100 homes on the markets, which equates to about one month of inventory. last year at this time we had around 1800 homes on the market. so it's like a 35% reduction in inventory that we have today. >> in addition to california heating up, denver and seattle also seeing homes selling faster and for more. the san francisco symphony has announced this evening that it has canceled a three-day tour of the east coast, including a performance at carnegie hall. it's all part of the ongoing strike between musicians and management over contract talks. the symphony also canceled the performance that was schedule odd for this afternoon, among others. symphony officials tell us it will not be rescheduled. so if you bought tickets for any canceled concerts, we're told you can exchange them for an upcoming event or receive a refund. and bart is changing its policy this week concerning
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bikes on trains. the pilot program starts tomorrow and allows bicycles on trains at all times, including commute hours. bikes are restricted from the first three cars of any train, though, during morning and afternoon commute hours. bart will also be conducting a survey to get feedback on this program. this represents bart's second pilot project, expanding the hours of allowing bikes on the trains. the first last august was just for fridays. baseball fans from at least three continents are gathering at san francisco's at&t park for the world baseball classic. >> puerto rico! >> thousands of fans came out to support the four teams vying for the title. puerto rico celebrated a win against japan in tonight's first game of a three-day series. they're going to be in tuesday's final. angel pagan was one of the heros of the puerto rican team tonight. >> i didn't know there were so many puerto ricans, man. i have to really tip my hat there is a lot of puerto ricans over here. and i have to thank them.
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for them to come over here and support us, it means a lot. >> the semifinals continue tomorrow when the undefeated dominican republic team faces off against the kingdom of the netherlands. >> i think the biggest thing, though, has been the fans. i've traveled all over the country. you see the dominicans dancing and singing and japan with their choreographed yelling. it's a pretty cool thing. >> all right. puerto rico will face the winner of tomorrow night's game for the world baseball championship tuesday night. coming up in sports, all the highlights from tonight's game. people who attended tonight's game at at&t faced steep parking prices. meters in the area now operate until 10:00 p.m. seven days a week. on nonevent days, it's 25 cents per hour to park. no big deal. on event days, meters run a whopping 7 bucks an hour. tonight was the first night of the increased rate. >> well, that could surprise you a touch. >> welcome to the bay area. >> i know it's a credit. but it could be funny watching
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somebody trying to do the coins. what's going on, rob? >> the weather pretty nice. i think that tuesday night game we may have to watch out for a little bit of rain coming into the bay area. no rain outside right. no we have temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. the winds backing off a bit. they were gusting earlier. the winds still coming in out of the west. so an onshore push of cooler air into fairfield. a northwest breeze at 3 miles per hour into san jose. so still a little breezy in the hilltops for tonight. we'll see high cloud filling in. maybe patches of low clouds filling in too. and mild temperatures. a little cooler for monday. and yes, rain dropping back in as we go through the day on tuesday. so let's show you hour-by-hour. tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies. a trend very similar to today, except we're going to finance the day with mostly cloudy conditions. and the clouds are going to kind of thicken up as we head into your monday. part of a weather system, which has been sitting offshore here for the last couple days. it's been tossing high clouds their way. now it's finally starting to move to the coast.
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and now as we jump to tuesday, tuesday morning's commute should be fine. by lunch time, starting to see some areas of lighter rain copping on in. tuesday evening some pockets of rain. and probably the heaviest rain coming in tuesday night own into the first half of wednesday. by wednesday afternoon, most of the moisture heads off the east. so the showers begin to shut down wednesday afternoon. then after that high pressure is going to build. in temperatures really climb up for second half of the week. so rainfall projections. if you watched us here just after 6:00, these numbers have come down a bill with the model update tonight. i do think we'll manage close to a half inch or maybe up to an inch in the coastal mountain ranges. but inland just enough to knock down some of the pollen that is outside. but once the system clears by, looks like we will not be seeing much rain forrest of the seven-day forecast. tomorrow mostly 60s around the bay area, including the inland locations. highs close to 70 in only the warmest spots by sunol or pleasanton. and also into the north bay, upper 60s, close to 70 in napa,
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and 62 degrees around san francisco. so the one chance of rain that is coming in is going to be tuesday into wednesday. pretty mild system. so i think the snow that falls in the sierra will be closer to 6,000 feet. watch high pressure here building. in we're going to get the clearing skies thursday into friday. as we approach the weekend, looks like mid-70s and upper 70s coming back which makes sense, because spring starts on wednesday when you got some of the showers coming through. and then that will be the first weekend of spring. looking at some places getting maybe close to 80 by sunday. >> that sounds lovely. a little early for it, but it sounds very nice. time to check in with ahmed fareed of the comcast sportsnet, see what's going on. >> the warriors trying to do something tonight that they haven't done all year, taking on the rockets in houston. first, let the madness begin. we'll tell you if cal and st. marys were punching their tickets to the big dance, next in sports.
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ahmed fareed here at the xfinity sports desk. madness has crept into the bay area, and not just at some st. patrick's day party, although there too. we're talking march madness.
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selection sunday, the day every college basketball team learns it's ncaa fate. the cal bears earned the 12 seed in the east region, setting up a rematch with unlv in san jose. the bears fell by a single point to the running rebels in december. mike montgomery's squad finished the season with a 20-11 record. and good news for the st. mary's gaels. they made the tournament by the skin of their teeth. they'll take on middle tennessee state for the 11 seed in the midwest region. randy bennett's squad finished 27-6 on the season. it is their eighth tournament appearance in school history. and it is not the tournament stanford wanted to play, in but they'll do their best to defend their nit title. the cardinal is the number four seed. they'll host stephen f. austin tuesday at 8:00. stephen f. austin is 27-4 this season, stanford 18-14. how about some pro hoops? warriors and rockets. warriors have been gold for
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houston this season. looking for his pot of gold. follow the leprechaun. steph curry to andrew bogut. warriors led by 23 at the half. jeremy lin from palo alto hitting the layup. houston cut it to five. later in the third now, jarrett jack misses. warriors back up 12. fourth quarter, curry to klay thompson. sharp shooting all game. warriors win, 108-78, snapping a nine-game losing streak in houston. >> we were alert, aware. we paid attention to details. we contested shots. we protected the paint. we rebounded. it was a thing of beauty. >> a half game back and had an opportunity tonight to jump us in the standings. so this is -- we haven't been playing as well as a team on the road. so all these factors kind of build into this being a huge win for us. >> yeah. after a really bad game for them, one of their best today.
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shifting gears to the baseball diamond where the giants continue to fine-tune before the start of the regular season. some injury news. pablo sandoval was scratched from the lineup today. the reason, a sore elbow. our own andrew baggarly says pablo felt the strain after a throw to second on saturday. sandoval will get tested on monday. the highlights of the game. rockies versus the giants. spring training action. tim lincecum on the hill. a little wild in this one. one run into the first. into left. troy tulowitzki scores. gives up only the two runs. 4-3 colorado in the fifth as brandon bell had himself a game. almost a home run here. scoring hunter pence. giants down one. two guys on base, and you can walk it off. kovaleski, walk-off home run. the giants win, final score 9-7. how about more cactus league
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action. cubs/a's. bottom of the first, two on, no out. chris young, left center. three-run shot. the as we were having fun in this one. how can you tell? they're doing the human tunnel. i did that when i was about five years old. it was fun. i can see why they would do it. more home runs. josh donald, another three-run shot. more human tunnel. 6-1, oakland. bottom of the eight. the a's up by four. add another one. second how many run for adam gonzalez. oakland ball flying out in arizona. 12-6 the final. angel pagan and puerto rico taking on japan in the wbc semifinals at at&t park. top of the first, two on, two out for mike. singles back up the middle to bring in a run. puerto rico goes up 1-0. top of the seventh, a man on for alex rio, the chicago white sox, lunching one deep into the san francisco night. puerto rico up 3-0. bottom of the ninth, japan down
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3-1. tying run at the plate. but a fly ball to center. angel pagan, he is used to doing some celebrating on that field. puerto rico knocking off the two-time reigning wbc champs, 3-1 the final score. that will do it from the xfinity sports desk. we're back to work on monday with the sharks visiting the anaheim ducks, and the warriors taking on the hornets in new orleans. and diane and terry, good luck on your brackets. good luck with that. >> her bracket is one team, cal. >> that's pretty much it. >> right. take 'em to the finals. why not. >> thanks, ahmed. still ahead, the duchess of chaim bridge gets herself into a sticky situation during a centuries old st. patrick's day tradition. we'll though you what happened. >> and there it goes. why this bridge had to come down, and the unexpected fallout from the implosion. hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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and just like that, a bridge in texas was no more. crews demolished the marble falls bridge over the colorado river today, but the operation didn't exactly go off without a hitch. the blast knocked out cell service in the area. it has since been restored. transportation officials say the bridge had to come down to make way for two new ones. the color green popped up around the world today in celebration of st. patrick's day. check it out. thanks to ireland's tourism bureau, several of the worrell's most famous landmarks turned green, including the egyptian pyramids. pretty nifty, the leaning tower of pizza, rio's christ the redeemer, and the sydney opera house all turned green today. tourism ireland says 70 million people around the world claim links somehow to ireland. and terry and i are two of those. >> that's correct. correctamundo. the duchess of cambridge
11:31 pm
took a stumble today at the annual st. patrick's day celebration in london. they were on hand as part of a centuries old tradition where a female member of the royal family presents shamrocks to the troops. the pregnant duchess right there her heel stuck in a grate. she pulled her shoe free. way more important than that, she mentioned during the event that she would like a boy. and william is hoping for a girl. we'll be right back. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time.
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in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. a judge today found two high school students in ohio guilty of raining a 16-year-old girl. the crime took place against the backdrop of an alcohol-fueled
11:33 pm
night of partying later amplified by tweets, video and photos. >> many of the things that we learned during this trial that our children were saying and doing were profane, were ugly. >> reporter: as judge thomas led his guilty verdicts, trent mays, 17, and ma'lik richmond embraced their relatives and cried openly. for the first time since the heavy night of drinking and party-hopping, captured in social media, both boys apologized. >> i would truly like to apologize to her family, to my family and the community. >> reporter: richmond spoke directly to the victim's family. >> i had no intentions to do it. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the victim's mother responded in an audiotape. >> this is not define who my
11:34 pm
daughter is. she will persevere, grow, and move on. i have pity for you both. i hope you fear the lord, repent for your actions, and pray hard for his forgiveness. >> reporter: both boys had promising football careers, may as the quarterback, richmond the receiver on the beloved high school team, and dreams of college. in court, their lawyers and parents pleaded with the judge not to impose a harsh sentence. >> i'm sure ma'lik will learn a valuable lesson if this. and your honor, i thank you in the name of god for leniency for ma'lik. >> reporter: prosecutors insist the victim had been humiliated and treated like a toy. on the witness stand, she admitted drinking heavily at a party, then waking up the following morning with no clothes on and with no idea what had happened. she had texted mays why the -- would you let that happen? seriously, you have no expletive respect.
11:35 pm
her attorney after the verdict. >> she is happy that this is over today. she is probably fearful about going to school monday. tuesday, wednesday. >> reporter: while the victim deals with the aftermath, the town also hopes the harsh spotlight here ends. >> i believe justice was served. >> i personally felt that it was an adult crime, and they should have been charged as such. >> reporter: meanwhile, state prosecutors announced that a grand jury will investigate whether anyone else should be prosecuted. >> what happened here is shocking. what is even more shocking and appalling is that crimes of sexual assault are occurring every friday night, every saturday night across this country. >> again, that was nbc's ron allen reporting. mays and richmond could remain in the juvenile facility until they're 21, and both will have to register as sex offenders. amtrak has resumed service between new york and boston after rail lines in connecticut were block derailed freight
11:36 pm
trains. the cars were empty, no one was hurt. the first northbound departure from new york's penn station left about 80 minutes late. the first departure from boston was about 50 minutes late. new york city's chief fiscal officer wants to be the city's first asian mayor. john liu is in the running to become the first asian mayor. he is the first person of asian descent elected citywide. he was born in taiwan, came to new york at the age of 5. to a consumer alert. more than 200,000 toyota fj cruisers are being recalled. the driver and front passenger seat belts are mounted on the suv's rear door and can become detached if the door panel and the seat belt retractor is cracked. the recall involves sj cruisers from 2007 through 2013. so far toyota says the defect has not resulted in any
11:37 pm
injuries, but toyota says they will repair any of the vehicles free of charge. surgeons from around the world have travelled to texas to learn the most innovative ways to heal heart surgery patients. new technology can allow patients to get on their feet faster. nbc's rachel mcneil explains. >> reporter: heart surgeons from around the world gather in high-tech labs to learn the latest techniques, the minimally invasive surgery. this is a new era for a traditionally conservative field be. the benefits for patients are vast. >> well you don't get your sternum cracked open. you don't get your breastbone cracked open. i haven't met a single patient who would like to have that done. now, the caveat is if you do it through a smaller incision, you need to do as good as job or better. >> reporter: so instead of that telltale scar down a patient's chest, surgeons make tiny incisions and good through the ribs to perform procedures such as coronary bypass and heart valve replacement. so who is the best candidate? >> people who have to get back
11:38 pm
to work early. they're the bread winner in the family, or they engage in physical activities do not allow a long recovery period. the second group of patients are the exact opposite. these interest elderly people that are infirm, that are frail. >> reporter: right now very few are highly skilled in these new techniques. but surgeons like joseph mcginn who traveled here from new york hope to spread the knowledge to communities everywhere. >> we have new technology. we have new ways of doing things. and we'd like to get that information and those techniques out to every surgeon in the united states and around the world. >> again, that was rachel mcneil reporting. and still to come, he convinced people in a south bay downtown district to tax themselves, saving the city millions. his winning argument that made the bay area proud. plus, after a beautiful weekend across the bay area, there is rain in the forecast. meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the system. find out if it's going to affect your commute.
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secrets of the bay area were revealed this weekend when historic artifacts from the infamous escape from alcatraz and the presidio were made available. >> the national park services opened its archives to the public. joe rosado takes us inside centuries of history. >> reporter: some of the bay area's national parkland date back over 200 years. but as we all know, history
11:42 pm
isn't just measured in time. it's measured in stuff. >> we have millions, literally millions of pieces of historic documents. many of those came from the army. >> reporter: a former cavalry stable in san francisco's presidio is now home to the national park service's archives for the gelden gate national recreation area. it's a smorgasbord of more than six million items dating back to the bay area's military history, which have here ranging from the spanish era. these are wooden stirrups that would have been used by a soldier. >> reporter: there are uniforms, letter, photos, maps. blueprints of hundreds of historic structures that still occupy park service land. >> we have those plans of how those structures were originally built. people can look at those and get the details if they have to restore certain elements. >> reporter: there are artifacts from alcatraz, including evidence from the famous 1962 escape. >> we have here some paint
11:43 pm
samples that were used in creating the heads that they put in their place in the bunk. >> a blueprint of the presidio. the army made them. >> before the gelden gate bridge was built. >> reporter: it's a chance to walk through more than two centuries of park history, from plans for a nike missile site to a common butterfly. >> you never know what is going to get left behind. and you never know what somebody else is going to find interesting in 50 years. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> let's take a live look at san francisco. >> pretty! >> we have the dancing lights on the bay bridge. shall we just watch those, or do you want to good to rob mayeda and find out what the weather is like? >> at some point we should check in with rob, but i'm enjoying the pictures. >> it's been up for a while, but gorgeous on a night like this where the fog isn't getting in the way. the wind has backed off. you get that real nice mirror-like reflection across the bay. right now it's a little chilly.
11:44 pm
you probably noticed out this evening we had the cool sea breeze picking up. right now now down to 49 degrees in san francisco. 51 in san jose. and a few low 40s possible by tomorrow morning for inland valleys. but probably not getting too cold. we're going to get more clouds filling in overnight. if the winds staying on shore, that should keep enough moisture in the air to prevent too many places getting too close to the 30s. breezy in the hilltops. that's going to continue tomorrow. and steadily during the day increasing clouds. should be dry, other than a straight sprinkle as the clouds thicken up tomorrow evening. but the rain should roll in let's say by daytime on tuesday, and last into wednesday. after, that once we get into spring, which does start 4:02 wednesday morning, we officially move past the spring equinox into spring. things are going to warm up for the second half of the week. tomorrow you'll notice the clouds kind of thickening up around lunchtime. you'll see lunchtime to start sunglasses for the commute. by afternoon the clouds start to fill on in throughout the day into the evening. the includes are kind of the
11:45 pm
outer fringe. very moisture-rich environment here offshore as we're looking at a weather system that is tapping into the subtropical jet stream. it sits to the south at about 30 degrees north from the equator. you can see how the stream coming up from the hawaiian islands. but this big low that we're seeing here is actually going to track up toward western washington. so what falls around the bay area is mainly going to be light to moderate rain we think during the day on tuesday. so you can see here as we head into the afternoon, you're starting to see some of the pockets of light to moderate rain moving into the bay area to the tuesday evening hours. we'll see if the world baseball classic may see a little bit of rain there. wednesday morning, this will probably be the one morning commute affected by the rain during the wednesday morning until about lunch time commute. and then by the afternoon, the showers start to shut done. moisture starts to clear out. and high pressure builds in. our temperatures are going to be warming up pretty quickly as we go through the second half of the week and into the weekend. rainfall projections. generally about a quarter inch now it looks like for most places, though, given how
11:46 pm
moisture-rich this environment is with the air hitting the coastal mountains, i do think some of the coastal mountains may see a half inch an inch. we'll have to watch that as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. 40s for tomorrow morning. we'll see partly cloudy skies to start. mostly cloudy skies to finish. a little bit cooler tomorrow. mostly 60s for our highs, even inland locations maybe 70 the warmest plays around sunol. thursday is a transition day. we'll start to clear out. as high pressure builds in, we'll probably have one windy day. the winds out of the northwest from about 10 to 25 miles per hour. that should be around thursday into friday. and next weekend looking very spring-like. and that's one of the signs of spring. the seven-day forecast guess on these roller coaster rides between a little taste of winter, into almost a summer preview. maybe 80 in a few spots by sunday. warming up. >> rob, thanks a lot.
11:47 pm
and just ahead, cleaning up the bay area's biggest city. how a group of business owners decided to tax themselves to keep san jose beautiful. the story is tonight's bay area proud. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ here is something you don't hear every day. several san jose property owners chose to tax themselves, and they have been doing it for years. their goal is simple, make san jose look much better. if they don't, no one will. in this age of budget cuts. garvin thomas has tonight's bay area proud. the series that focuses on what is working in our community. >> reporter: success in a big city like san jose is often measured by what you have more of. this success story, though, is
11:50 pm
about what the city boasts less of these days. less trash in the streets. less gum on the sidewalks, less graffiti on the wall. >> my streets are beautiful. >> reporter: chuck hammers is not only grateful for the improvement, he is in large part responsible hammers owns the pizza my heart restaurant chain. while it has grown to 20 outlets in a little more than 20 years, it was here in don't san jose that hammers sold his first slice. >> it all started here for me. and i've always said this is -- i got to give back to san jose. we're going to find a way to make everything look great. >> reporter: in 2008 with city budgets getting smaller and city streets getting dirtier, hammers and other downtown property owners came up with the idea for groundwork, a property-based improvement district. they would tax themselves 7 cents per square foot with the money being spent making
11:51 pm
downtown san jose nicer. armed with a $2 million budget, groundwerx took over street cleaning, took over garbage collection, took over graffiti removal from the city, and the city couldn't have been happier. >> it couldn't have come at a better time. the amount of money we had to clean downtown and to take care of the sidewalks and those types of things in downtown was on the decline. the city recognized it. our downtown partners and property owners recognized it, and we needed to do something about it. >> reporter: groundwerx has also spent money beautifying downtown. lights were strung. flower boxes planted, benches installed. they even hired ambassadors to roam the city streets, giving out advice and assistance to anyone who needed it. groundwerx, however, was only approved for five years. so in 2012, it came up for renewal. this time for a ten-year run. and in perhaps the best measure
11:52 pm
of its success, the people who pay for it, the property owners said yes again. >> i know. it is crazy. you know, who taxes themselves and then votes to do it again at a 91% approval rate? it's ridiculous. but it's working. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> and now i'm paying attention. busy working, busy working, but now on camera, paying attention. when we come back, going green, the change made at the white house in honor of st. patrick's day. i'm here connected. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
11:53 pm
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one of europe's most active volcanos has erupted into a brilliant light show. mt. etna blew streams of red hot lava and ash over sicily today. air travel in the area was not affected, and expert says people who live nearby weren't in any danger. it's really nice video to show. the ash did leave a big mess on cars streets. eruptions are common and they rarely cause damage. that's beautiful video. >> i agree. >> especially with no one hurt. finally tonight, the fountain on the white house south lawn has been dyed green today in honor of course of st. patrick's day. >> and there it is. white house officials are preparing for a visit from irish prime minister kenny. they're planning to head to the capital for a luncheon with house speaker john boehner. also on tuesday, the president is scheduled to meet with two representatives from northern
11:56 pm
ireland. and by the way, this is not the first time the south lawn fountain has been dyed green. the obamas started the tradition back in 2009. it's fun, but it looks -- >> it look toxic. >> it looks like a big shamrock shake. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news. the chris matthews show is next. good night. >> good night.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
>> this is "the chris matthews show" the >> ask not what your country can do for you. >> tear down this wall. >> the time for change has come. ris: revolution, it was more game-changing than most presidents. 50 years ago this week the beatles shook up everything. ♪ she loves you,ia,ia,ia chris: it's one of the happiest anniversaries we ever celebrate. how the beatles changed everything from politics to uniting the world. how these four young men went from the smash early days to the cultural pioneers they finally became. and you new pope and what he may mien -- mean for american
11:59 pm
catholics. hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show with chuck joe kelly o'donnell, klein and katty kay of bbc world america. 50 years ago this week the beatles' first album, "please please me," came out. here they were singing on ed sullivan. asked if you were my girl ♪ ♪ i know you never even try, girl ♪ ♪ come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, ♪ ♪ please please me, oh, yeah, like i please you ♪ chris: they did three sullivan shows on this first trip.


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